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The Best Grills For Apartment Balcony In 2023

Having a grilling session with your friends and family can indeed be joyful. However, if you live in an apartment or a condo, it might be hard to use a grill. So, how can you host a party at your place without any hassle? You can always opt for a portable and lightweight grill so let's take a look at the best grills for apartment balcony setups.

Best Grills for Apartment Balcony

Best Charcoal Grill for the Apartment Balcony

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal comes in numerous models. We will delve into the details here on the Cube portable charcoal grill. It is compact and convenient to use making it one of the best grills for apartment balcony setups. You can use the Everdure Cube on your apartment balconies, and you can take the grill with you for a relaxing day at the beach, fishing, and camping as well.
This grill has 115 square inches of grilling surface area. It has a dimension of 9.05 (height) * 13.67 (depth) * 16/73 (width) inches so it is easy to use and can cater to your modern BBQ requirements.
Everdure is easy to carry around as it weighs only 19.55 pounds. You can place it on your balcony and take the grill with you for a picnic as well. It is also available in four stylish contemporary colors. Since it comes with two safety latches, you do not have to worry about its safety component while carrying Everdure with you.
As it uses the latest technology and design, Everdure can also facilitate you with authentic charcoal cooking experiences.


  • Provides ease of transportation.
    Being a lightweight grill, it can be easily carried for tailgating, camping, and picnics. It is compact and portable with cool-to-touch handles, making it an excellent option for outdoor activities.
  • Has enough storage space.
    Everdure offers plenty of storage space for charcoal and food items, with an integrated food-grade tray and bamboo preparation board, along with two safety latches.
  • It provides a porcelain enamel firebox.
    Everdure has a durable porcelain enamel firebox that enhances the grilling experience and lasts longer than other grills on the market.
  • Contains an integrated base plaque.
    Everdure is a simple integrated unit with an integrated base plaque that protects the grill from different surface areas and direct heat with a built-in heat protection shield.
  • Has the ability to use charcoal and woodchips for cooking.
    Everdure is a charcoal-based grilling system that can also use woodchips along with charcoal, but the woodchips must be soaked overnight in water.
  • Consists of a removable grill and charcoal tray.
    Everdure comes with a removable grill and tray for easy cleaning, but caution must be taken to avoid any damage.


  • Everdure is easy to clean. You can use warm soapy water for that purpose.
  • Everdure can withstand temperatures up to 176 Degrees Farheinhet or 80 Degrees Celsius.
  • As it is lightweight and manufactured from durable steel, it is easily portable from one place to another.
  • You can place the Everdure grill on a raised bench or the ground.
  • When it comes to apartment balconies, Everdure is one of the best options because of its compactness. You can store them inside your apartment after your grilling session.
  • They provide an Everdure tong and spatula along with the grill. However, the firm does not offer any other utensils with the product. You have to purchase them separately.


  • It is essential not to place the grill outdoors for a long time. It is because it can cause rusting.
  • Even though you can use woodchips for cooking, you cannot use them alone as it might lead to its damage.
  • There are no adjustments to grill height or airflow, making it hard for some people to grill.
  • You can only work on the Everdure grill efficiently if you have a leveled surface.
  • There might be some problems with the enamel cracking while you clean the product. So, it is essential to be careful while cleaning it. Try to avoid rough use for using the grill for a long time.

Best Gas Grill for the Apartment Balcony

The Cuisinart CGG-306 Chef’s Style Propane Tabletop Grill is a stainless steel grill that suits apartment balconies. With dimensions of 21.5 x 19 x 15 inches and a cooking surface of 275 square inches, this grill offers a chef-style grilling experience.
It is portable, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of a large grill. The Cuisinart grill is perfect for apartment balconies and can also be taken along for beach days, fishing trips, and camping adventures.
Featuring two stainless steel gas burners with 10,000 BTUs each, it offers a Twist-start ignition system for easy use. The grill can accommodate up to a 1 lb propane canister, which needs to be purchased separately.


  • It becomes ready to grill in less than 10 minutes.
    Cuisinart has electronic ignition. So, it does not take more than ten minutes to heat up. You do not need any matches for heating as well. You can start grilling chicken or turkey soon after starting the grill. Most other grills take a minimum of 20 minutes to start heating up so there is clear advantage with Cuisinart when it comes to the best grills for apartment balcony setups.
  • Helps you have control over heating.
    You have total control over grilling and heating when it comes to Cuisinart. It is because Cuisinart has an integrated thermometer, which can help you keep track of the temperature. It also has adjustable burner knobs that can assist you in burning, warming, and roasting.
  • Offers simultaneous grilling.
    As Cuisinart comes with two stainless steel burners, you can use them both at the same time for grilling. They can efficiently work even when you use them together.
  • Comes with stainless steel construction.
    Cuisinart comes with stainless steel construction, which makes it compact. It can fit easily into a compact car while you are traveling. Its compactness is also a plus point, making it one of the best grills for apartment balconies.
  • Provides a drip tray and LP hose.
    Cuisinart offers a drip tray to collect grease and other drippings. You can clean them after use. It has an LP hose that is 3.5 feet long. You can use it to connect to the propane cylinder, which you have to purchase separately.


  • Cuisinart is easy to carry around and is portable. It has a locking cover, folding legs, and handles. These features help us to carry the grill easily from one place to another.
  • You can cook large slices of meat with Cuisinart. You can use it for preparing a whole chicken, turkey, and brisket. You can start by placing chicken or turkey on the hot side of the grill. You can then move it to the cold side for slow cooking. It is an excellent feature that is unavailable for most portable grills in the market. You do not have to flip or turn the meat as well!
  • It helps in the evenly-cooking of the food item. It is because Cuisinart has a stainless steel grate that acts as a superior heat conductor.
  • It can heat up to 700 Degrees and comes with an inbuilt thermometer.
  • You do not have to hassle over the assembly of the product as it is pre-assembled.


  • The customer support system is average.
  • The knobs of the grill might break if you do not use them carefully.
  • Rusting is yet another issue you might confront. So, it is essential to ensure that you are cleaning the product carefully. You can avoid the problem of rusting by not leaving the grills wet or in the outdoor regions.
  • As it has a light gauge, it might heat up and cool down quickly.

Best Electric Grill for the Apartment Balcony

The Weber 55020001 Q 2400 Electric Grill is an electric grill that does not require any propane for grilling. It offers the ability to sear meat while providing great flavor. Being an electric grill, it complies with fire and Home Owner Association’s regulations, making it an excellent choice for apartment balcony cooking.
The Weber Q 2400, launched in 2014, is a restyled version of the Weber Q 240. It features a solid construction and has dimensions of 25.1 x 31.5 x 26 inches. With a weight of around 41 pounds and a sleek style, it offers both functionality and aesthetics.
Operating at 1560 watts / 120 volts, this grill provides a 280 square inch cooking area. It is perfect for cooking delicious cast iron steaks and other mouthwatering dishes.


  • Comes with a glass-reinforced nylon frame, a removable catch pan, and a drip pan.
    Weber Q-2400 has a glass-reinforced nylon frame. Along with that, it has an inbuilt grease collecting system. You have to check the catch and drip pan every time before you use the grill. It helps to avoid any leakage. You can remove grease with a plastic spatula, and you can also use water to clean it.
  • Consists of infinite heat control settings.
    As it is an electric grill, it comes with countless heat control settings. YOu can also change the burner valve settings of the grill in Weber Q-2400.
  • Contains a six-foot grounded cord.
    With the cord, you can connect the grill to a residual current device. However, you have to ensure that the current rate is less than 30 mA.
  • It possesses a cast aluminum body and lid.
    It comes with a cast aluminum body and lid, making it durable and lasting longer than most other grills.


  • Weber has an excellent customer support system that helps customers contact them if they have any concerns with the product.
  • Consists a porcelain enameled cast iron grate, an add-on that provides authentic grill taste.
  • Space-saving and portable. You can store the grill without any difficulty and take it with you while you go camping or fishing.
  • Best for those of us living in an apartment or condos. It is also useful if your place restricts the usage of gas or charcoal grills.


  • Considering all the other features, it would have been great if it had an inbuilt thermometer. However, it does not have one.
  • It takes 15 to 20 minutes for the grill to heat up before you start grilling.
  • You cannot use it on caravans, boats, or any combustible surfaces.

Best Propane Grill for the Apartment Balcony

The Char-Broil Tru Infrared Grill2Go x200 Portable Gas Tabletop Grill offers plenty of space to prepare eight burgers at the same time. It is travel-friendly, allowing you to use it not just on your apartment balcony but also on your adventure trips. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice among the best grills for apartment balcony setups.
The Char-Broil Grill features a push-button ignition system and a 9500 BTU burner. With a weight of 20 pounds and dimensions of 23.7 x 15 x 13.6 inches, it is compact and portable. The grill provides a cooking space of 200 square inches, allowing you to cook delicious meals with ease.


  • It does not flare-up.
    Char-Broil grill does not flare-up. Instead, it evenly spreads heat. There is a barrier between the food and the flame as well.
  • You can carry them easily from one place to another.
    It comes with a die-cast aluminum lid that can survive under different conditions. It has two handles that are heat resistant and help in carrying the grill from one place to another at ease.
  • Infrared cooking system.
    The infrared cooking system helps in temperature control and also in evenly cooking the food. It also cooks the food faster.
  • Highly durable.
    The grill comes with a glass0cast aluminum firebox and steel latches. They make the grill durable, secure, and portable.


  • You can use the Char-Broil grill for cooking, even during the coldest weather.
  • It uses very little fuel and cooks quickly.
  • The product offers 100% even cooking. You can use the Char-Broil grill to prepare hotdogs and burgers.
  • Easy to clean because they manufacture the grill from stainless steel. You get a cleaning tool along with the grill, which makes cleaning easier.
  • Consists of durable steel construction and a porcelain finish. It helps in offering the grill an extended life.
  • You can use the Char-Broil grill while you go camping or fishing. You can pack the grill easily while you are there.


  • It can feel too hot at times, and there might be some issues with the valve.
  • Grease might clog up. However, you can reduce it by regular cleaning.
  • Rusting is yet another issue. You can solve it by removing wet residues from the grill.

Best George Foreman Grill for the Apartment

The George Foreman Grill is suitable for both indoor and outdoor grilling, making it a great choice for apartment balcony setups. It is small and convenient to use, and since it operates on electricity, you don’t have to worry about fuel. With a weight of 6.26 kg and dimensions of 73 x 73 x 99.5 cm, it offers a cooking space of 1500 sq cm. The grill is perfect for grilling steaks, vegetables, and chicken, and it can cook up to 15 portions of food at once.


  • Easy to clean.
    It comes with a non-stick removable plate. It makes cleaning convenient.
  • Focuses on health.
    The removable plate is also helpful in dripping fat and grease from the food. It assists in making our food healthy.
  • Variable temperature control.
    The grill comes with variable temperature control and a gauge. The light from the grill goes off once the grill reaches the needed temperature. The thermostat works to regulate the temperature.
  • Collapsible stand.
    As it comes with a collapsible or removable stand, its storage becomes easier. You can also use it efficiently for indoor and outdoor cooking sessions. You can also place the main body of the grill on the table to serve the food.


  • Easy to store as it is collapsible, and you can quickly reassemble the grill.
  • The gauge helps us to view the temperature control.
  • Requires only 2400 watts of electricity.
  • Consists of a large dome lid, and its handle is cool to touch.


  • Sometimes, you might face difficulty to stabilize the stand. However, it depends on where you place it.
  • Not dishwasher friendly.
  • Not great for outdoor storage.

Best Portable Grill

The Pit Boss Grills 75275 Stainless Steel Two-Burner Portable Grill is one of the best portable grills that can suit any apartment balcony. It is travel-friendly and compact, making it ideal for on-the-go grilling. With a weight of only 27 pounds, it’s easy to carry from one place to another, making it one of the best grills for apartment balcony setups. Made of stainless steel, it has dimensions of 23 x 19.5 x 16 inches and offers a cooking area of 276 square inches.


  • Comes with two burners
    It has two stainless steel burners that can burn up to 10,000 BTU on each of the grills. It provides the exact amount of heat required for grilling.
  • Mobile unit.
    You can move around the grill as it is mobile as it is lightweight. Another reason is that it has foldable legs and a latching hood.
  • Push and turn-ignition
    Push and turn-ignition help switch on the grill without any difficulty. It also has a 36” LP hose as an attachment, and you can operate it with a 20 lb cylinder.
  • Controlling the temperature!
    It has a dome thermometer, which helps you to monitor the temperature.


  • The temperature can go beyond 700 Degrees and above.
  • Well-engineered and excellent for its price.
  • Removable grease tray.
  • Foldable and compact.


  • You have to purchase the adaptor separately.
  • It has no locks.
  • You may have to keep a close eye out to prevent overcooking.


As an expert in BBQ and outdoor living, I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about the best grills for apartment balconies in 2023. Read on for all the answers you need to make the perfect choice for your outdoor cooking needs!

Can you grill on an apartment balcony?

Absolutely! Grilling on your apartment balcony is a fantastic way to enjoy the great outdoors and cook up some delicious meals. Just make sure to choose a compact and portable grill that’s suitable for your balcony space.

What types of grills are there?

There are four main types of grills – Charcoal, Propane, Gas, and Electric. Charcoal grills use either lump charcoal or briquettes as fuel, while gas grills can run on propane, butane, or natural gas. Electric grills need a proper supply of electricity to work efficiently. Choose the type that best fits your needs and preferences when it comes to deciding what you think are the best grills for apartment balcony cooking.

Can you use a charcoal grill on a balcony?

Yes, you can definitely use a charcoal grill on your balcony. However, it’s safer to choose a smaller charcoal grill to reduce the risk of fire or damage to your balcony.

Are electric smokers allowed in apartments?

It depends on your specific apartment complex and local regulations. In general, most apartments allow small electric smokers, so you can safely use one on your balcony. Be sure to check with your landlord or building management first.

What type of grate should I purchase?

When choosing a grate for your grill, you have two main options – cast iron or stainless steel. Both types have their own unique pros and cons, so choose the one that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Which is the safest fuel to use on a balcony?

For the safest grilling experience on your balcony, electricity is the way to go when it comes to the best grills for apartment balcony cooking. Small charcoal grills are also a safe option, as long as you take proper precautions and follow safety guidelines.

Is cleaning a grill a lot of work?

Cleaning your grill after each use is important to maintain its longevity and performance. The amount of work involved will vary depending on the type of grill you have and your personal cleaning preferences. For example, using a wire brush to clean your grill grates after they’ve cooled down is a quick and easy way to keep your grill in top condition.

What is a BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, which is a measurement of heat energy. In terms of grilling, BTUs indicate the amount of heat that a grill produces. The higher the BTU rating, the more heat your grill will generate.

What type of fuel is the most economical?

If you’re looking for an economical fuel source, natural gas is the way to go. It’s typically cheaper than propane or charcoal and is also a more sustainable option.


Choosing the best grills for apartment balcony cooking can be a tricky task. It is important to consider factors such as fuel type, size, and portability when making a decision. After thorough research and analysis, we recommend the Everdure grill as the best option for apartment balconies. With its compact design, ample storage space, and ability to use charcoal and wood chips for cooking, the Everdure grill is the perfect choice for outdoor grilling enthusiasts who live in apartments. So, whether you’re tailgating, camping, or just enjoying a relaxing day at home, make sure to consider the Everdure grill for all your grilling needs.